Religion and why I hate it.

I hate religion. Religion is why thousands died on September 11th. Religion is what started countless wars. Religion causes pain, suffering, and is usually pure bullshit.

Christianity, at its core, isn’t about that. Many Christians try to make it that, but they’re missing the point. It isn’t about how many free car washes you can do. It isn’t about tithing. It isn’t about baptism. It isn’t about being a missionary. It isn’t about getting people saved.

It’s about a relationship.

I don’t want to be dedicated to a religion. Religion imprisons.

Jesus, however, is a different question entirely.

If people could only get that. If people could only live by that. They may not be as dedicated to their religion as others–but they’ll be more dedicated to their God than anyone else will ever be able to claim.

And isn’t that the point?