My last post before this post which doesn’t really count as my last post was posted a really long time ago.

^ Imagine that. I don’t really know why I stopped writing here, other than I just did. I guess I ran out of things to say. Nah, that’s not it. And I definitely didn’t stop being funny. In fact I’m probably funnier now than ever. I didn’t really stop procrastinating, either…I just furthered the procrastination one more step by procrastinating the procrastinating that took place here. Most of my past posts were either funny or serious, which I guess sums up basically everything a post could be anyway. I already said I never stopped being funny, so as to why those posts stopped getting posted is still up for debate. Perhaps I found better ways to share my funniness with the world and anybody else who would take it, “better” meaning “less work.” Work always gets in the way of stuff like that. As for the serious ones, who knows? Perhaps I stopped being serious? That could be it, or maybe I just stopped being angry about things. Or perhaps I no longer care enough. Either one of those can also kill the comedy. No pun intended–or is there even a pun in there? Hmm.

>> This is a new paragraph, by the way. The one up there probably has too much stuff in it, but I’m going to keep it that way because to edit it would take work, and I’ve already discussed my attitude towards that kind of thing. Besides. This is my blog, and I shall do whatever I please here. Okay? Okay. Then again, lately I’ve been doing nothing here, and that’s somewhat of a problem. Well, probably not much of a problem since nobody really cares, but I like to think it’s a problem–people with lots of problems are generally more important than the people without any problems, unless the people with problems are just unlucky alien-types who decided to heal somebody when other people were around and screwed up their whole cover, in which case they’re probably just from Roswell and don’t have any real importance.

Anyway. Back to the blog…perhaps I’ll bring it back. Perhaps.

One Year of Accidental Procrastination

I’ve been officially procrastinating accidentally for over a year now, as the first post here came out on May 3rd, 2006.

Here’s what are, in my opinion, the highlights of last year’s procrastinations ordered from oldest to newest:

Here’s to another year of amazing time-wasting activities.

The Insanities of One’s Mind

From looking at the stats for this blog, I can tell a lot about the types of people who come across it, mostly shown through the search engine referrals I find. The kinds of insights these can lead to are quite astounding, so what you’ll now be experiencing is a journey into the minds of those who search Google for stupid things, and find what they’re looking for–me.

  • procrastination poem — Now, I will admit, I don’t have any procrastination poems here, until now. In order to please this bizarre interesting person, here’s a little haiku:

    Eats up your time, just like this
    Amazing haiku.

  • dilbert i will use google before I ask dumb questions — This guy’s problem is he forgot the last bit. It should’ve been, “dilbert i will use google before I ask dumb questions, except when I click on a result and the guy blogs about my dumb question.”
  • consider them rubbish sermon — Yeah, most are.
  • i’m always mean when you’re mean: a blog — That’s a fairly good description.
  • procrastination just means I am thinking about it — Wow. I am impressed. This guy probably does not only know how to procrastinate, but I’ll bet he knows how to procrastinate procrastinating, too.
  • rotten execution — As long as this isn’t referring to my writing, then sure, whatever.
  • accidental bitch — You too, moron.

A question for my readers

I’ve been doing Accidental Procrastination for a couple of months now, and I have no intentions of stopping. My stats show that readership has been growing quite nicely as of late (I think I’m running into the blogging paradox already), and I’ve been having loads of fun.

I’ve implemented a lot of sweet new JavaScript stuff around here lately (look for it), and this has almost turned into my little JavaScript sandbox as well as a great place to drop thoughts.

Now here’s the question. Do you think I should keep the blog here, or shall I give the thing it’s own special domain? Not that your answers will really make any difference once I’ve made up my mind.

And on a completely different side note, who exactly is reading this? Just curious. I know I’ve got a lot of readers who’ve been keeping quiet, so now is the time to come out into the open. I don’t bite…


Some new blogs…

I know I haven’t posted here for a few weeks, and normally I would apologize for such tactless incivility. But since hardly anybody reads this anyway (oh, what the world is missing) and everybody can still catch me elsewhere whenever they feel the need, I will not.

So what have I been doing instead of posting here? Well, among other things, I’ve introduced a couple people into the wonderful realm of the blogosphere. Allow me to introduce them to you…

Musings from Central Asia

After hearing this guy’s crazy stories from past adventures, I convinced him to write them down this time (blogging style). So go check it out, grab the feed, etc., etc., etc.

Crazed Jedi Wannabe

I’m not really sure how to explain this one except to emphasize the words “crazed” and “wannabe.” He’s currently going to college (in Canada, I might add) to be a Technical Journalist, which I’m told is basically a fancy name for Professional Video Game Reviewer. The guy’s completely unbeatable in Halo, which I’m sure he’ll tell you about (daily) on his blog…

So I’m curious…

I bought another license of Mint today so that I can keep track of this new blog here. I installed it this afternoon, and I’m wondering if that was a bad idea…I mean maybe I would’ve been happier not knowing that my traffic actually sucks. But on the flipside, I’ve only had it installed for a few hours and Feedburner does tell me that I’ve got people reading my feeds.

I know this is a brand new blog, but I’m still curious…Who’s reading this?

Oh, the irony.

Blogging is, in itself, a paradox. New blogs usually arise out of fun, the want to publish thoughts in a (sometimes) orderly manner. But as the blog grows and an audience made, pressure grows. Somewhere along the line, it ceases to become about you. No, let me take that back. It becomes more about you, but less about what you first wanted. It’s not about you sharing your thoughts with the world, no…It’s building that readership. Checking the stats. Spamming.

Scratch that last one.

In a sense, you get what you want and have an audience to share your thoughts with.

But are they the thoughts you wanted to share?

As Randy K. Milholland (don’t ask me who he is, I really don’t know–he’s just got sweet quotes) once said:

It hurts to find out that what you wanted doesn’t match what you dreamed it would be.

And that, my not-so-dear readers, is what big time blogging is all about.