A Portrait of God

God seems to be a big subject for famous works of art, and I can’t help but wonder what He must think of all these.

I imagine there must be an art gallery somewhere in heaven with a special wall reserved for the best ones, and another somewhere in hell for the rest of them. But how is it decided which go where?

There are probably a few main criteria for how these are all evaluated, and the most important is obviously accuracy. For example, did Jesus have a pony tail, or was He more into the curly surfer-hair complete with emo poses?

Other important details would include those such as the color and style of clothes He’s depicted wearing, whether the lighting hits Him right, and whether the artist correctly guessed His body type.

I think these are the kinds of things that have the greatest effect on an artist’s total score.

10 thoughts on “A Portrait of God”

  1. I’m not so sure… I’m thinking some of them he laughed harder than just a giggle, and some were harder to like than others. I’m sure he appreciates the sentiment, but like ellioto said, the best ones will be on some special wall, and probably the less-than-flattering will be in some dark back corner, appreciated or not 😉

    haha this is a fun post.

  2. I can’t think of anything witty, funny, or even remotely interesting about this post. But I will say that the Holy Spirit must be pretty dang disappointed about his portraits, cuz all he gets is a dumb bird. And I guess that was remotely interesting. How about that.

  3. Sorry, I’ve wanted to post that for a long time.

    Lol I never thought about Jesus having a pony tail before. I suppose men in that day didn’t shave and maybe didn’t cut their hair so it’s possible. Wow. There are a lot of conservative people I know who would be shaken in their faith if they found out that their hero/savior had a pony tail. Interesting thoughts elly.

  4. Hey there. I’m pretty sure, if you read the text carefully, you will discover the Jesus was Sicilian.

    BTW, my blog is up and running again. Visit it. I want attention.

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