I’ve Conquered The Genies

You know how in Aladdin and all those other stories, genies only give you three wishes, but somehow it’s against the rules to wish for more wishes? Well, I’d like to get my hands on whoever made up that rule, because that has got to be the stupidest rule in the history of stupid rules.

Is this the genie’s doing, just making up extra rules knowing that any crack head stupid enough to rub a lamp would most certainly believe this crap? Or is there perhaps a Genie Union in which all professional genies take part, and they’ve decided to boycott this wish after experiencing too many nut jobs asking for unlimited wishes then accidentally killing themselves on the 4th wish?

Doesn’t matter though. Because you might not be able to wish for more wishes, but nobody ever said anything about more genies.

7 thoughts on “I’ve Conquered The Genies”

  1. I was seriously bothered by that not being able to wish for more wishes issue for a very long time. I think that all genies could have come up with it spontaneously. It’s a convergent evolution of an idea which they all came to because they all have one guiding principle: they can help people, but they really don’t want to. Therefore, they all decided independently that they would limit it to three wishes and avoid the more wishes loophole because if you screw up your wish and your whole family dies, the genie’s actually sort of happy, and wants you to waste another wish fixing it. Thus leaving you with one wish which you may or may not want to use because there’s no next wish coming to reverse it.

    And I wouldn’t wish for more genies because if one is an asshole, it’s guaranteed that the rest of them are, too.

  2. And I wouldn’t wish for more genies because if one is an asshole, it’s guaranteed that the rest of them are, too.

    That’s where the magic comes in. Something like this should do:

    For my third wish, I wish that I had another genie that wasn’t such a jerk.

  3. And what you’ve got to do, is first wish for something really really stupid. Like a sandwich. Or a toothbrush. The genie would be like, “Yes, this one’s going to be easy!” And you act all dumb, so that they acquire a false sense of security before you hit them with the “I wish that there was no rule against wishing for more wishes”. Then they would be utterly crushed, which would be pretty amusing. Then you go in for the kill with the, “I wish for X amount of more wishes”, and they are just devastated. Ha.

  4. Is there a rule that genies can’t hurt their masters? Because I kind of feel like toying with them like that would make one of them genie-smite you. Kind of how like you don’t provoke zombies (I just made that up, but it seems like a bad idea).

  5. Good question Meredith…Yeah, I’d hate to be on the bad side of one of those things.

    Especially if it’s the Robin Williams version. I don’t think you’d ever recover from something like that.

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