To Dream of Never-Ending Things…

What if we actually cared?

What if “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” was more than a catchphrase?

What if we really tried to love our neighbors as ourselves?

What if we learned to love ourselves?

What if we desired to change what isn’t right?

What if we took the unjust and fixed it?

What if passion became the norm?

What if hate didn’t exist?

What if everybody lived each day like their last?

What if everybody lived each moment as their last?

What if we believed in ourselves even when nobody else did?

What if failure wasn’t feared?

What if time wasn’t an issue?

What if we were willing to sacrifice?

What if we kept trying?

What if we followed what we believed?

What if we dreamed the impossible, but tried anyway?

7 thoughts on “To Dream of Never-Ending Things…”

  1. Thought provoking, Elliot. I like this post. Made me think. Here is what I think would happen:

    Then the world would be a different place.

    Then people might actually be happier.

    Then there might actually be love between two strangers.

    Then ‘going out on a limb’ would become the normal.

    Then people would be more apt to share their feelings.

    Then there would be less fighting, and more understanding.

    Then people would believe in themself enough to stand up for what they believe in.

    Then peoples views might be changed.

    Then more people might be saved.

    Who knows “What If?” unless they act? And I think that was your point.

  2. Yes, indeed that was my point. The alternate ending was, “What if we stopped asking ‘what if’ and tried?”

    But I thought the other one sounded better.

    See what I do when I stay home from church? I actually have thoughts and go outside. I also watched the end of some crappy Jim Carry movie on TV and some of VH1’s Top 20 music video countdown, but whatever. You can only be spiritual so much in one day.

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