An Experiment…

So, this weekend–the second-to-last weekend of the summer–I decided to try a little experiment.

I wasn’t going to do any client work whatsoever, not even answer emails (I really hope none of those clients are reading this right now…). I’d say it’s probably been one of my most relaxing and boring weekends of the summer.

I guess that’s the trade-off; you just can’t have excitement and peace simultaneously these days. You can thank the media for that.

However, two interesting things did occur because of this. Wait, actually, three.

  1. I spent much of yesterday afternoon/evening filming and editing a little video which is yet to be named. So far it has been filmed by only me and has starred only me. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. If I ever finish it, I’ll probably stick it up on YouTube for you all to see…Just watching the minute and ten seconds I’ve already done gives me an adrenalin rush.

    First one to guess what the video is of gets a cookie–and if you already know because I happened to tell you about it, you can’t play.

  2. I did something that I never believed possible. In fact, I almost don’t even want to say it, as I’ve considered even the name to be one of the most foul words on the planet. I’d often shiver when I’d hear it uttered…so I’ll just link you to it instead. (By the way, I need more friends. Two billion (if you’re a non-IE6 user) just doesn’t cut it.) I just used parenthesis within parenthesis. Can you do that?

  3. And as a third bonus “interesting thing,” I watched about an hour and a half of the World Series of Poker today. I could take some of those losers.

Honestly, I’m really sorry about the lame post…But as Glen told me, “Don’t force genius or inspiration where it obviously isn’t.”

So apparently, Glen doesn’t think I’m a genius.

44 thoughts on “An Experiment…”

  1. Looking forward to the video. I reckon it is about your boring weekend and how life sucks without email.

    Mehn! you make me wanna join myspace, nice design (ofcourse, you’re designer). I wasn’t sure I was on myspace for a moment.

  2. Joe SO wishes he could make videos! Our camera takes 30 second video clips, but has really poor quality.

    Wow, a whole cookie? With no bites taken out of it? Cool.

    Man I think you have the nicest myspace I’ve seen.

    World Series of Poker?? How…interesting? Hopefully you watched something other than their poker faces…

  3. Just so long as it isn’t lip-synching. I seem to remember getting a certain “music video” at a certain Bunko party, that we had at a certain persons house last year…. Oh gosh, I hid that away for blackmail. Tell me you aren’t doing that again. Actually, that was hilarious, but I can’t really see you doing the same thing again. But maybe. Man that cookie sounds good right now.

  4. No lip-synching. Though, I should find those videos and upload them on YouTube sometime…

    And no matter how tempting…. I still have little desire to join MySpace, even with your lovely design. 😉

    If you don’t want 6 billion friends, then I guess that’s your choice.

  5. Yeah, I am pretty jealous of all those friends. And you should put those videos on YouTube. They were pretty sweet.

    Now, for the cookie. Is it an action/adventure flick of Matrix proportions?

  6. How about
    1. a documentary on how to make myspace very cool.
    2. You singing some a really wired song and dancing

    I’m running out of ideas here….

  7. You know he wouldn’t have offered a cookie if he thought there was a chance anyone would guess it.

    Though I’d kinda like to see him singing that really weird song, and esp. the dancing. That would brighten my day… Or at least put a smile on my face…

  8. Actually, I thought somebody would probably guess right away, and I just lied about the cookie.

    But I guess this works too.

  9. I assumed it was an HTTP cookie…

    Oh hey, there you go. Pretty much everybody who left a comment here already got one of those.

    So, when do we find out the answer? And when can we see the video?

    Whever I get around to finishing it…Maybe I’ll do some more editing later this afternoon.

  10. I have a better idea. How about you give me a cookie, or I tell them what the video is about?

    Actually, make that two cookies, I’m hungry.

    Man, I really hate people who act like I just did.

  11. Good ‘ol Blackmail, eh?

    How ’bout an instuctional video for DDR? Sorta like one of those annoying aerobics workout videos, just without the spandex. *shudder*

  12. That’s it!!!! Hey, I could be one of the annoying people with the cutesy, sickeningly fake smile’s in the background, doing all the moves behind him, Seeing as I have some experiance in the art that is DDR . Jk.

    All I can say is that I agree with Kala. Whatever movie you do, whatever theme or genre, NO spandex, tights, or short shorts. For your sake and ours.

    Mostly ours.

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