Upon Searching for Me

I was looking through my Mint stats last night when I realized…Some of the funniest people don’t realize that they’re funny–which is probably why they are.

Allow me to demonstrate by showing you a few of the searches that people have actually done to end up here:

  • procrastination society. We live in a time and age where everybody needs a society, so it makes sense that procrastinators would want one. Yet somehow, I doubt it will ever get started.
  • What special things does a swan do. We do many things. Making fun of people who ask dumb questions is one of those things.
  • accidental soccer nut kicks. That’s why I watch soccer, too.
  • funny team names procrastinate. I don’t get it.
  • telling an optimist from a pessimist. For this, I come up number three on Google. I’m so glad that I get to help humankind with my brilliant psychological observations…
  • i didn’t mean for this to go as far as it did. I wonder if that applies to this blog in any way.
  • would you believe two angry boy scouts in a canoe. Heck yes.

8 thoughts on “Upon Searching for Me”

  1. Damn you, Elliot, that’s what I was going to blog about for tomorrow! Now everyone will just think I’m copying you. It’s time to stop stealing my brainwaves.

  2. Wow. You either talk about some really random things (which I know you do), or happened to come up with random phrases easily twisted. That is pretty amusing.

  3. @Brianna: I didn’t come up with any of them, they were all in my stats showing that real people actually searched for them. Why real people searched for them remains to be seen.

  4. Oh, I kow that you didn’t come up with them, I meant that other people might have remembered phrases you wrote then twisted them in their search, thinking that is what you said.

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