A question for my readers

I’ve been doing Accidental Procrastination for a couple of months now, and I have no intentions of stopping. My stats show that readership has been growing quite nicely as of late (I think I’m running into the blogging paradox already), and I’ve been having loads of fun.

I’ve implemented a lot of sweet new JavaScript stuff around here lately (look for it), and this has almost turned into my little JavaScript sandbox as well as a great place to drop thoughts.

Now here’s the question. Do you think I should keep the blog here, or shall I give the thing it’s own special domain? Not that your answers will really make any difference once I’ve made up my mind.

And on a completely different side note, who exactly is reading this? Just curious. I know I’ve got a lot of readers who’ve been keeping quiet, so now is the time to come out into the open. I don’t bite…


14 thoughts on “A question for my readers”

  1. As I’m not a viagra ad, and as you don’t bite…I’ll confess to being a fairly regular reader! I really love the design, and as for the domain name, I have to agree with Erin, and say it’s your decision. If you think it might bring you more readers, though, having its own domain might be beneficial…

  2. A li’l sandbox is a great thing. I had one on its own domain and regretted it. The idea of a sandbox is that it’s ever-evolving. I think tucked away in a subdirectory of your main domain is a good place for it.

    And I’m digging the playing around you’re doing. Keep it up. And when you find something especially cool, post it on your main blog (as you did last week with the better-than-live search).

  3. Hmm…On one hand it’s kind of nice to have it tucked away in a directory just for playing around, but on the other hand I’ve been posting here enough that I think it should probably have it’s own seperate domain.

    @Adam: what didn’t you like about having a seperate name for it?

  4. Having a domain for stuff I was playing around with turned it into a more serious endeavor. People were disappointed when I removed things, so I felt the need to leave stuff up indefinitely (kind of against the sandbox principle). Plus, it was confused for my only site.

    But like a few people said, do what you want. It looks like accidentalprocrastination.com is available. :)

  5. But like a few people said, do what you want. It looks like accidentalprocrastination.com is available. :)

    Yep. Hence, this post.

    Perhaps I shall try to go against the odds and create a domain where I do whatever I want, whenever I want.

    Though, I think I already broke that by asking people’s opinions just now…

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