My grass is greener than yours.

I think mowing one’s lawn is actually counter-productive. I mean, from what I can gather, point of mowing your lawn is to make it seem like you actually take care of your yard. Now, the problem with this is, once you mow it, it’s going to grow back. Fast.

Then you have to continually keep mowing it and mowing it and mowing it because it keeps catching up on you. This whole ordeal could easily be solved by simply letting it grow and sticking a sign in your front yard:

I like it this way.

Or, if you’re one of those people who have to have everything neat-and-tidy (I’ll bet you even have a special spot reserved just for your remote controls, don’t you?), why not just rip out all of your grass and install that green, grass-like carpet stuff? Seems to work good on TV.

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