American Patriotism

American patriotism is a funny thing… I mean, when British people have celebrations, they burn effigies of people with names like… “Guy.” But America easily tops that.

See, we choose to celebrate our independence by blowing up miniature bombs that we bought from China. Yeah, we like to call this, “Independence Day.”

And don’t forget the little plastic flags–that’s a definite must. By the way, have you ever looked at the bottom of one of those? Made in Tokyo.

4 thoughts on “American Patriotism”

  1. Ha! Never thought of that before! I guess it’s kinda like Rebecca St. James (an Australian) singing an American patriotic song on the National Day of Prayer!

  2. During the climax of a fireworks show at the Salem fairgrounds, I once overheard someone yell “take that, you brits.” Though he was drunk and somewhat belligerent, I was happy to hear he’d paid a little bit of attention in US History.

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