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I know I haven’t posted here for a few weeks, and normally I would apologize for such tactless incivility. But since hardly anybody reads this anyway (oh, what the world is missing) and everybody can still catch me elsewhere whenever they feel the need, I will not.

So what have I been doing instead of posting here? Well, among other things, I’ve introduced a couple people into the wonderful realm of the blogosphere. Allow me to introduce them to you…

Musings from Central Asia

After hearing this guy’s crazy stories from past adventures, I convinced him to write them down this time (blogging style). So go check it out, grab the feed, etc., etc., etc.

Crazed Jedi Wannabe

I’m not really sure how to explain this one except to emphasize the words “crazed” and “wannabe.” He’s currently going to college (in Canada, I might add) to be a Technical Journalist, which I’m told is basically a fancy name for Professional Video Game Reviewer. The guy’s completely unbeatable in Halo, which I’m sure he’ll tell you about (daily) on his blog…

4 thoughts on “Some new blogs…”

  1. Honestly, Elliot, I’m wondering why these post are separated from your regular blog.

    Also, I think that people don’t really think to type “/accidental”.

    Just my $0.02.

  2. This is a completely different site than, I just used the directory “accidental” instead of getting another domain name.

    My other blog is focused and topical; this blog is for writing whatever I feel like writing (i.e., stuff other than design and web development).

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